‘A truly Global Reach with projects in over 4 Continents’

“London and New York are consistently amongst the two most coveted destinations globally and represent two cities rich in culture and heritage. Both locations tend to be the crown in every portfolio.”

The Luanda market has seen a surge of economic growth over the recent years. The real estate market has been one of the biggest benefactors of that. Working with a partner that understands not only the potential of the market but also how to avoid the pitfalls of an environment that has undergone such rapid growth, is paramount to success.

Portuguese real estate is currently undergoing a period of substantial growth and potential. Lisbon, in particular, is seen by Savills as one of the fastest rising stars on the global stage. With property prices five times cheaper than those in London, a hub for many from the ‘Atlantic Rim’ territories such as South America and parts of Africa, Portugal is seen as a natural second home destination for the large population of Lusophones. Added to a golden visa program and a thriving tech and start-up sector, the region is set to become one of the most popular real estate markets globally.

With regards to the privacy concerns of our clients, we are unable to disclose specific project details.


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